Licorice Products

Besides licorice raw root, which is used in different shapes like stick or grinded, other licorice products such as licorice extract powder, licorice extract blocks, licorice paste are three main licorice products.

Licorice Products

Licorice Extract powder

This product, due to extraction process, contain a yellow brown color, with sweet and bitter taste.The tiny licorice extract powder mesh, whose the sizes, ranging from 80 to 150, are going to packed in 25 kgs composite nylon sacks and then will be sorted in company warehouse

extract powder

Solid Licorice Blocks

The brown dark solid licorice block, is so sweet that make it a little bitter. The general format for this product is 5 kilograms, which in total of 25 kilos boxes will be wrapped according to customer order.

Licorice Roots

Licorice root, which is the common name of plant Glycyrrhiza Glabra, is a seasonal plant, which grows naturally; The use of licorice root according to consumer orders may differ from sticks cut , grinded to deliver as powder form.

Licorice Paste

In confectionary and tobacco industries, the sweet/ bitter licorice is widely used; for this reason and particular texture of licorice paste, which is liquid and fast dissolving material, Sepidan Osareh has added it to production basket.

Licorice Root Powder

The simplest way of using licorice root is drinking it as a tea or medicinal beverage; This method, by using boiling water has been applied since ancient time to modern day as well.

Licorice Granules

Licorice granules dissolving action in hot water, happens very fast. The color is more dark brown, rather than usual ; and the taste is enough strong to be used as sweeter in tobacco and food materials.

Licorice Nuggets

For quick and easy use of licorice extract blocks, the licorice extract nuggets are convenient substitutes; Due to the size and weight, licorice extract nuggets slightly are opening their way in the market.